Gas Flux


Gas Flux in liquid form, a combustible gas apparatus evaporated in brazing is an easy-to-use cleaning the region allhis equity.

Brazing because it provides high speed in heavy use.

During the operation, resulting from the atmosphere in the region made oxidation, brazing because it prevents a clean look and allhis equity waste does not occur.

The Principle Of Operation: Acetylene or with propane, Gas Flux apparatus in the liquid state Gas Flux reacts, the calling thread will be moved into the flame from torch to with gas.

Product Name GAS FLUX (Trimethyl Borate)
Areas Of Use S204L, S204, S204H, S202, S211, S211H, S212, S212H, S101, S301/2, S301/5, S301/15, S301/18
Applications Sertlehim applications steel, copper and Alloys and its main bicycle, automotive, heating cooling used in the industry.
Operating Temperature (°C) 600 – 1100
Standards (DIN 8511) F-SH1